From  10/8/2017 23:23 EDT  "Are we in 3rd grade or the dementia wing of the nursing home?"

So, VP Pence flew (on about $250,000 worth of taxpayer dimes) FROM Las Vegas, Nevada last night to Indiania, to specifically attend an Indy Colts/San Fran 49ees NFL game (the latter the team where Colin Kaepernick began his kneeling protests).

He then told his press pool entourage to not follow him into the stadium and just wait in the van, motor running, just in case he'd be out shortly.

He then tweeted out an old, 2014 photo of himself and "mother" at a prior Colts football game (evidently not lighting long enough to take a new 2017 selfie).

Pence was then SHOCKED, shocked I tell you, than Kaepernick's old team mates knelt during the So Often Mangled Banner and former English drinking tune.

Pence and "mother" then made a show of putting their hands over the place where normal people have hearts...while a woman behind them picked her nose instead of palpating her ribcage.  The decked out military mannequin next to Pence wasn't sure if he should salute, put his hand over his heart or just stay real still and stand there and pretend someone just shoved a flag pole up ass.

In a melodramatic outraged huff - with his lace trimmed Depends in a wad - Mikey then quickly departed the stadium.   Outraged that there was such disrespect to our flag, our national anthem, our brave military and the majority of rednecks who had left the stands and were lined up at the concession booths buying beer and nachos.  Pence probably left none too soon, for fear of the risk of getting overstimulated by the bouncing T&A of the NFL cheerleaders - even with "mother" there.  

Whaddaya talking about black people whose lives matter and who are being gunned down  left and right by poorly trained po-leese?  This is about the great AmeriKKKan sport of patriotic football!  Damn socialist.

(Obviously Pence is not too much of a Colts supporter to want to stick around to see them pull off an overtime win.)

Delicate snowflake Pence was soon back in his taxpayer funded safe spot, to wing his way back out West to LA and a prescheduled, 6:30 pm, $2,700 a pop, GOP fundraiser for fellow Russia collusionist, Dana Rohrabacher.

Meanwhile, back at DC Adult Daycare, the Orange Fucking Moron (OFM) tweeted that he and Mikey had previously choreographed a Kubuki theater scene regarding the football game.  The OFM praised Mikey for his actions, but true to form, took all credit and said that he had ordered Mikey to leave at the first sign of any kneeling football players.

The OFM kind of skipped over the part about how many bottles of water, or how much food, medicine, disaster supplies and even paper towels you could have purchased at Costco with $250,000.  Not that a bunch of brown people on an island, surrounded by lots of WADDER matter too much.  Once the inconvient are all dead, the OFM and his vulture capitalists can swoop in, buy up distressed properties cheaply and start building hotels, golf courses, low rent restaurants and casinos and places where Russians can launder even more rubles.

Just another day in Trumplandia!  Please pass another round of Valium and Vodka.